Explore the Franschhoek Valley by Wine Tram

Of all the cities in South Africa it is Cape Town that many visitors find to be the most fascinating and charming, and much of this is down to the various influences that have formed the culture of the region across the years. Close to Cape Town is the Franschhoek Valley, famous as the place where the finest wines come from, and it is a very beautiful and interesting place to explore. You can take a tour through the valley, and visit some of the fine wine estates – some dating back 300 years – on the Franschhoek Valley Wine Tram, which takes you on an enjoyable journey through the vineyards.

The Wine Tram follows four different routes, and your ticket allows you to get on and off at a variety of stops at long established wine making farms. You are provided with two complimentary tasting sessions as part of your ticket, so you can enjoy some of the very finest of South African wines, and you can also enjoy fine dining at some of the best restaurants in Franschoek on some of the estates. With plenty to see and do here, and quite stunning scenery to enjoy on the tour, the Franschhoek Valley Wine Tram is the only way to experience the place to the full.

Each of the four available tours is designed to provide you with a truly enjoyable experience, and children will enjoy the tram ride as much as adults, and to take you through the most spectacular parts of the Franschhoek Valley in comfort and style. This is a very popular option for visitors so it is recommended that you book in advance, so why not have a look at the website now, and book your seats on the exciting Wine Tram tour for you and your family to enjoy.

Eco-Friendly Water Waste Management

If you are in the aquaculture industry you will know the importance of efficient and effective management of water waste products. Effluent, for example, needs careful treatment and, in a world where we are always aware of the importance of looking after the environment, finding the right products is a bonus especially for hydroponics in South Africa.

At BluePlanet SA, a leading name in biotechnology products in Africa, you can take advantage of the tried and tested AquaClean range of products, each of which is chemical-free, instead using carefully cultured bacterial elements to act on the likes of effluent and reduce it carefully and with full efficiency.

The full range of products can be applied to everything from industry to agriculture making them the best choice as a hydroponics suppliers In South Africa, and can be used to reduce sludge, improve water quality and reduce costs, so why not take a look at the BluePlanet SA website now for more information, and see how your processes can be improved.

Activities for All the Family in and around Clarens

The charming town of Clarens, known as the Jewel of Free State, is a wonderful place to visit, and offers easy access to many exciting activities that can be enjoyed by young and old alike. From hot air ballooning to mountain biking, through fun festivals across the year and much more besides, this is a place where there is always something to enjoy, and the ideal clarens accommodation self catering can be found at Clarens Eddies.

Clarens Eddies offers self-catering accommodation in a choice of five superbly furnished units – breakfast can be added for a small charge and is arranged at a local hotel – in a quite stunning setting, and is within easy walking distance of the restaurants, bars and shops of Clarens town. Take a closer look at the website right now, and book yourself a memorable holiday or romantic break in one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa.

Experience Life in the Bush in Namibia

The chance to experience life in the African bush is not one that you should pass up, and in Namibia – a wild and untouched country with plenty to offer – you can enjoy a genuine bushman experience and fin out all the things to do in Namibia, and even see how the San – the indigenous bush people of the region – live, as they have for hundreds of years.

This is an enlightening experience that will bring home to you just how different our cultures can be, and you will enjoy an education into a lifestyle that could not be further from yours. There is all the information you need to know about this rare opportunity at Book Namibia, an excellent information on Namibia tourism on the site that offers details of tour operators, accommodation, car hire and more; all you need to know, in fact, about travel in Namibia.

Check out Book Namibia right now, and see just how you can enjoy an exciting, authentic Africa adventure.

What The Experts Say About, SEO and Internet Marketing Cape Town

Many website owners wonder just how to get their website to gain more traction and more website visits. the best way to get your website in front of more people is search engine optimization.

What the experts call seo marketing . this is a process that can take months to even years if you are in a very competitive niche, but when you have an seo marketing agency like seomarketingagency.co, you are already one up against your competition. theses guys are expert seos and they know just how you can get your website to rank number 1 in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

However you have to remember that it is an on going process and may take time. So don’t expect that you are going to start your campaign and in a month you will be at the top of page one,  hey you might get there for some keywords very quickly , this is just to show that your choice in an seo expert was the right one.

But having these guys do your local seo for cape town or even South Africa you can only be heading in the right direction.

Many SEO companies will tell you that they can guaranties you 1st position in google. Have you ever heard that there is no guaranties  in life. Well just like life there are no guaranties in SEO. One thing that you can say is that you will improve your website rankings if you do SEO the right way.

Seo Marketing Agency Cape Town,  has the skill and the know how to improve your website presence, that is a guarantee that they can give you.

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I am sure you wont be disappointed with what they can do for your website.

Promoting your brand

Are you making the best use of your branding opportunities? Have a think about it: where are the areas you could utilise to get your brand recognised more readily? There are plenty of areas for improvement, and what about corporate gifts? Many businesses give away gifts to their clients and possible future customers, and it is a proven method of empowering brand recognition. But what do you choose, and where do you get items that reflect the quality of your brand? The Promo Group is one of the leading names in the South African branding and marketing world, and understands the need for quality corporate gifts.
After all, if you hand out poor quality corporate branded gifts that will reflect on your brand; you need to make sure that the gifts you give to your clients are of the very best quality, and The Promo Group guarantees only the best quality items throughout its comprehensive range. With a choice of colourful lanyards, quirky yet useful memory sticks, backpacks, corporate clothing and cooler bags among the varied and eclectic selection you have the perfect range of products to choose from, and there is no doubt you can find something to suit your requirements.
Key holders and USB hubs, laptop bags and tablet sleeves, it’s all here, and everything is of the very highest quality available. You can also purchase all your necessary corporate clothing, from t-shirts to fleece jackets, from The Promo Group, and they provide not only free delivery, but a free artwork service as part of the package. With such a great range of products and excellent prices you are assured of the best selection of goods for your corporate gift needs, so why not have a closer look now and see what they can do for you?

Marketing your brand through promotions

Are you looking to launch a new product in South Africa? Or perhaps you need to arrange an event to showcase your brand? Maybe you need help with the genesis of a new design, or need to hire staff for an exhibition or showcase? Whatever your marketing, branding and staffing needs, Point Blank – promotional companies is the place to go for everything. With a reputation in marketing circles as one of the leading names in South Africa, Point Blank can help you by applying all its extensive experience to your individual case, and has a track record of unrivalled success.

Point Blank provides all its client, where required, with Brand Ambassadors whose job it is to promote the product or event. Such persons are required to understand a brand inside and out, and to be fully conversant with what it is all about. The company can also supply hostesses, promotional models and more, and can see to it that your event is handled by the most experienced and appropriate people in the business. With excellent rates, superb levels of expertise and a proven track record, Point Blank guarantees a quality service across the board.

With a dedication to providing genuinely innovative and effective branding techniques, Point Blank is continually developing new themes and pushing the boundaries in terms of marketing and branding. Such forward thinking business practices have seen Point Blank expand rapidly from the small beginnings it originated with, and it now has offices in many cities throughout South Africa, providing quality services to a wide range of well-known and satisfied clients. Innovative, original and with a dedication to quality in every case, Point Blank is committed to providing branding, marketing and staffing solutions that cover every angle, and is perfectly poised to help your business in any way it can.

Marketing your business with branded gifts

Are you marketing your business to the full? Do you utilise every possible space for branding, and make sure it’s quality you are presenting? What about corporate gifts? Many people see them as tacky, but if you find the best quality goods to give to your potential and existing clients, you can utilise your brand to even greater effect. At Brandability, a leading name in the branding and marketing industry in South Africa, you can find a range of superb USB hubs, usb memory sticks and other items that will be more than welcomed by your clients.

With great prices and a fantastic range to choose from, Brandability USB’s and memory sticks come in a wide choice of colours, styles and sizes, and offer great value at the superb prices. Brandability promises only the best quality brands are offered, and is a great place for getting hold of the right gifts to reflect your brands quality. With various memory sizes to choose from, plus some novelty items that are great fun as well as being useful, this is a range of products that is to be welcomed by South African businesses.

Unique and interesting items such as the memory stick pens, dual purpose and great for gifts, plus the USB heated coffee cups are fabulous ideas, and at the prices you can e sure of getting the quality you require. Brandability uses the latest techniques to brand products with your name, logo or message, and does so with a professional approach and a free artwork service. With a friendly and helpful team who are knowledgeable about the product range, Brandability are more than happy to listen to  any requirements, and can also help you with your marketing material, so why not have a look now and see what you can get from them?

Get more leads with your website

The modern world of commerce is vastly different to that just a couple of decades ago; these days, it is absolutely essential that every business, no matter how big or small, has a website. People use the internet to browse for all manner of goods and services, and purchasing online is a popular way of shopping. The question is: are you paying enough attention to online enquiries? With intense competition in all areas of commerce you need to make sure that enquiries made online are attended to quickly and efficiently, but how do you do it?

You could try timetoreply, an innovative software package that accurately measures your response times and efficiency, and that has a proven track record with many satisfied clients who testify to its effectiveness. It also measures whether your leads are carried through, whether customers engage, and whether you are successfully turning enquiries into business. It’s a simple to use and very clever piece of kit, and is considered essential by many of the businesses who have tried it and found it to be cost effective and worth the small investment.

Easy to install and simple to use, timetoreply-email response time, offers an opportunity to keep a close eye on how well your website is performing. After all, it’s one thing having a website, but another thing entirely to make sure it does the job it is meant to do – bring in the business! With timetoreply you can make sure that your website is attracting viewers who then convert into actual business, or perhaps you can see where you are underperforming and need to make changes. Well priced and with proven success, timetoreply is an important tool for any business in an age where online commerce is all important, so check it out and see if it could help you.

Marketing your web design

With a website considered essential for businesses of all sizes it is essential that you get yours right. These days there are many providers of websites promising excellent rates and superb results, but which are the ones you can really trust? Scott Web Designs, based in Durban, South Africa, is a name to be reckoned with in the web design and online marketing world, and with many years of experience in providing quality solution, including where to find logo design durban, across the board to a range of satisfied clients, they can help you get your brand into the public eye.
Scott Web Designs offers a variety of services; from quality web design just for you to SEO services, via a full selection of online marketing solutions they can handle it all for you, and they even offer business cards, logo design and more. In fact, everything you need in your digital marketing can be handled by this innovative and professional outlet, and they promise friendly and satisfactory results every time. Scott Web Designs will provide you with all the tools you need to make sure your online presence is noticed by the right people at the right time, and will do so quickly, efficiently and at excellent rates.
With many testimonials on the website alluding to the excellent services, and a fully experienced team ready to help with all your needs, you can make sure your website – whether it’s a new one or an existing design that needs work – is the best in the business, no matter what your business might be. For clients in and around Durban, and across South Africa, Scott Web Designs is a name that you can trust for all your online marketing solutions, so why not give them a call right now and find out how they can help with your brand awareness?