Marketing your brand through promotions

Are you looking to launch a new product in South Africa? Or perhaps you need to arrange an event to showcase your brand? Maybe you need help with the genesis of a new design, or need to hire staff for an exhibition or showcase? Whatever your marketing, branding and staffing needs, Point Blank – promotional companies is the place to go for everything. With a reputation in marketing circles as one of the leading names in South Africa, Point Blank can help you by applying all its extensive experience to your individual case, and has a track record of unrivalled success.

Point Blank provides all its client, where required, with Brand Ambassadors whose job it is to promote the product or event. Such persons are required to understand a brand inside and out, and to be fully conversant with what it is all about. The company can also supply hostesses, promotional models and more, and can see to it that your event is handled by the most experienced and appropriate people in the business. With excellent rates, superb levels of expertise and a proven track record, Point Blank guarantees a quality service across the board.

With a dedication to providing genuinely innovative and effective branding techniques, Point Blank is continually developing new themes and pushing the boundaries in terms of marketing and branding. Such forward thinking business practices have seen Point Blank expand rapidly from the small beginnings it originated with, and it now has offices in many cities throughout South Africa, providing quality services to a wide range of well-known and satisfied clients. Innovative, original and with a dedication to quality in every case, Point Blank is committed to providing branding, marketing and staffing solutions that cover every angle, and is perfectly poised to help your business in any way it can.